Boons and Hooks:

5x Aura (Minor Boon)
3x Healthy Feature (Minor Boon)
Mystical Portal (Minor Boon)
Road (Major Hook)

Inner complex is composed of four large rectangular towers each 8 stories tall arranged in a circular pattern. The upper levels of the North and East towers are house senior magi sanctums and laboratories with the lower levels reserved for junior magi and guests. The West Tower houses important mundane covenant members, including soldiers, and contains the mundane armory. The South tower is currently unoccupied and is used for storage space. The roof of each tower is open and provides a commanding view of the surrounding area. The area between towers is connected by two story stone walls surrounding a carefully manicured botanical garden. At the center of this garden a large eight sided building built of gleaming white marble serves as the covenant meeting hall and library.

The outer complex is described by a sturdy three story tall curtain wall shaped as a large octagon around the entire covenant and punctuated by 4 story circular towers at each corner. Two further towers flank a gatehouse on the northern wall. The outer complex itself is filled with stables, kitchens, sculleries, nurseries, grog housing, workshops, storehouses, and warehouses that keep the covenant running.

A small community has sprung up outside the covenant walls. Ale houses, theaters, gaming halls, and an assortment of merchants aim to provide spending opportunities to the relatively wealthy covenant workers.


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