Carava (Crow Familiar)


A Crow of Virtue and Familiar to Angelo Archlione

Intelligo Mentem Autumn
Qualities: Accomplished Flyer, Crafty, Keen Vision, Mimicry, Vocal.
Size -4
Might: 25

Intelligence +2; Perception (Vigilant) +5; Strength -8; Stamina 0; Presence -1; Communication -2; Dexterity +1; Quickness +5

Personality Traits Trait Score

Reputation Type Score

Virtues and Flaws Score

Magic Animal (Special); Adept Awareness (Minor General); Arcane Lore; 2x Great Perception (Minor General); Keen Vision (Minor General); Premonitions (Minor Supernatural); Puissant Awareness (Minor General); Second Sight (Minor Supernatural)

Magical Friend (Minor Social Status); Fear: Open Flames (Minor Personality); Visions (Minor Story, Supernatural); Weakness: Shiny trinkets (Minor Personality)

Magic Qualities:
Accomplished Flyer (Minor); 6x Improved Abilities (Minor); 6x Improved Might (Minor); 3x Minor Virtue

Magic Inferiorities:
Limited Gestures (Minor); Limited Speech (Minor)

Area Lore (Secret Ways) 6; Corvid Language (Taunts) 5; French Language (Small Talk) 3; Italian Language (Academic) 5; Awareness (Threats) 9(11); Brawl (Dodge) 5; Stealth (Shadowing) 5; Survival (Forest) 3; Artes Liberales (Grammar) 1; Latin Language (Hermetic Usage) 6; Dominion Lore (Saints) 3; Faerie Lore (Courts) 4; Infernal Lore (Demons) 4; Magic Lore (Creatures) 4; Magic Theory (Lab Assistant) 5; Premonitions (Betrayal) 8; Second Sight (Spirits) 8

Golden Cord 1; Silver Cord 1; Bronze Cord 3

Invested Powers:
Mental Communication: May transmit words, images, emotions, and other complex thoughts to each other.
Shared Senses:
Ward against heat and flames: +15 soak against fire damage.


Carava (Crow Familiar)

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