Angelo Archlione


Bonsagus Archmage
Age: 116 102
Gender: Male
Familiar: Carava

Intelligence +3; Perception +1; Strength -1; Stamina +; Presence 0; Communication (Compelling) +5; Dexterity -3; Quickness 0

Personality Traits Trait Score

Reputation Type Score

Affinity with Magic Theory (Minor General); Affinity with Parma Magica (Minor General); Affinity with Mentem (Minor Hermetic); Deft Form: Mentem (Minor Hermetic) Good Teacher (Minor General); 2x Great Communication (Minor General); Hermetic Magus (Free Social Status); Hermetic Prestige (Minor Hermetic); Minor Magical Focus: Controlling Mental States* (Minor Hermetic); Puissant Magic Theory (Minor General); Puissant Mentem (Minor Hermetic)

*For example: Awake, asleep, confused, ect. Does not include emotional states.

Ambitious (Major Personality); Lost Love (Minor Personality); Plagued by Supernatural Entity (Major Story); Weak Magic Resistance: in the presence of loud music (Major Hermetic)

Abilities: 14 +1 season
Italian Language (Academic) 5; Awareness (Behavior) 3; Concentration (Spell) 5; Teaching (Lecture) 6; Profession:Scribe (Books) 4; Survival (Mountains) 2; Artes Liberales (Ritual Magic) 6; Latin Language (Hermetic Use) 6; Philosophiae (Ritual Magic) 4; Code of Hermes (Procedures) 4; Magic Lore (Creatures) 4; Finesse (Mentem) 5; Magic Theory (Mentem) 12(14); Parma Magica (Mentem) 10; Penetration (Mentem) 8

Creo 14; Intellego 16; Muto 14; Perdo 16; Rego 20; Animal 5; Aquam 5; Auram 6; Corpus 8; Herbam 5; Ignem 6; Imaginem 7; Mentem 32(35); Terram 5; Vim 17


Angelo Archlione

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